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Registration  会议注册须知  


To complete registration processes, you are requested to create your own account. When you push "Registration" button in this page, you will have to fill in the information required. After that, your own account will be settled, and an email will be delivered automatically to your E-mail address. If you don't receive the email within a day, or if there is any problem when processing the account, please contact with (Please replace # with @). You can login to your own account with your ID (your e-mail address) and password, and all registration processes can be executed through the account.

您需要申请会议网站帐号,以完成会议注册流程。请您点击页面上的“注册”按钮,按要求填写注册所需信息,填写完成后,您将收到系统自动发送的电子邮件。若您在申请帐号后一天内没有收到邮件,或在注册过程中遇到问题,请联系 (请将#替换为@)。帐号申请成功后,您可以用自己的帐号密码登陆系统,并完成会议注册。

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Registration Fee



Attendee Registration Category           On/By (October 11, 2021)

Regular                                                    1,500 CNY                       

Student                                                    1,000 CNY 

注册类型                         20211011日前

普通代表                         1,500 元                       

学生代表                         1,000  


* The registration fee does not include insurance for the participants regarding accidents, sickness or loss of personal property. It is advisable that participants make their own arrangements in respect of health and travel insurance before leaving their countries.

* 注册费不含参会代表的保险,如事故、疾病或个人财产损失。建议参会代表在出发参加会议前,针对健康与旅途保险做出合理安排。

Payment option (For Foreign participants)


Two payment options are supported: transfer remittance and on-site payment. For payment by transfer, please be sure to indicate payment information (ICFB2021+ name) in the remittance message, and send the bank transfer voucher to (Please replace # with @). The student representative should send his/her student id card or other identification to this email for timely confirmation. On-site payment is supported by credit and RMB cash payment. When the representatives attending the conference report on site, they need to present their valid student id.


If you need to reserve a room in advance, please refer to the hotel’s column.




本次会议注册缴费支持两种缴费方式:转账汇款和现场缴费。转账汇款缴费,请务必在汇款留言中注明缴费信息(ICFB2021+姓名+单位),并将银行汇款凭证发送至 (#替换为@),学生代表请将有效学生证件扫描件一并发到该邮箱,以便及时确认。现场缴费,支持POS机刷公务卡、信用卡、储蓄卡以及现金支付,学生参会代表现场报道时,需出示本人有效学生证件。